The Canoe Team


Peter Marshall

PETER MARSHALL has paddled over 7,500 miles through remote regions of Canada, including two expeditions that have lasted over 120-days. In 2012 he was part of a four man crew that paddled 2,600 miles from Alaska to the Hudson Bay. Click here to learn more about this trip.


Andrew Morris

ANDREW MORRIS was born in Chicago and has spent his adult life traveling farther and farther away from cities. A professional guide, he has led groups in the Appalachians, taught primitive skills in southern Utah and over the past few years has worked in Alaska, where he guides backcountry expeditions in the remote Wrangell St. Elias wilderness.


Craftsmen and Women


 Jason Hovatter

Jason Hovatter


As far back as he can remember, Jason has been wondering how things worked before our modern age of convenience and forgetfulness. As he traveled the country via foot and train hopping, he learned various leather working skills and apprenticed with a master shoemaker in southern Oregon. He now runs his own custom shoemaking business, traveling to medieval re-enactments across the Western US, and teaching both period and modern styles and leaving a growing army of cobblers and cordwainers in his wake.



 Cody Meyers

Cody Meyers


Growing up on a farm in the north woods where his parents ran a timber framing business and gathered and sold maple syrup, Cody has always led a hands-on lifestyle. As a blacksmith, he apprenticed under David Hanson at the North House Folk School in Grand Marais, MN, and has since become an assistant blacksmith instructor at the school. Striving to keep the fire of an ancient world in modern times, attempting to maintain a connection to the sources of things, bringing hammer to hand and steel to anvil, Cody founded the company Wolf Heart and hopes to continue his art and passion for the rest of his years.

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